About Us

Founded in 2003, We own the expertise in comprehensive connectivity technology. In 2017 was built Jiangxi  Huaersheng Industrial Park cover an area of 70,000㎡ ,Newly introduced  Panasonic Fully Automated Production Line, The Annual Output can reach nearly 30 million USD.


Our former company`s name was Shenzhen Huaer Display Tech Co., Ltd., which launched in 2003.  In the past ten years, we have built four divisions: R&D , LCD, FOG, LCM assembling departments. Our products cover: TN-LCD, STN-LCD, COG-LCM, COB-LCM, TFT, flexible display, EBN, ESTN, PM-OELD and AM-OLED.


Our technology has been applied to a wide range of industries, including: mobile phones, financial devices, energy meter equipment, check-in machines, fiscal processors, wearable devices/body cams, intelligent home solutions, medical facilities and industrial equipment.  We are proud of our supply chain capability and our quality products.

Our customers include: MOTO, TCL, DESAY, ZTE, SOGO, KT(Korea), Vodafone (UK) and Huawei. We support initial release of products worldwide.  Fully devoted, continuous innovation, and customized design are our way to meet your satisfaction.


In constant pursuit of excellence, we are going to keep innovation at the forefront of our endeavors. We are striving to be the leading display company in the world.


Since 2015, Htendlcds Display offers a wide range of standard monochrome and full-color Passive Matrix Organic Light-Emitting Diode (PMOLED) displays. PMOLED display technology has many advantages such as ultra-thin designs (no backlight), wide viewing angles, and fast, temperature independent response times. In addition to the standard PMOLED products, Htendlcds also has the capability to design and supply custom PMOLED display solutions, including simple FPC modification, custom OLED panel design and production, and integration with touch screens and cover lenses.