1.5 Inch128×128 Dots OLED Display Module Blue or White

1.5 Inch128×128 Dots OLED Display  Module Blue  or  White

1.5 INCH 128×128 DOTS OLED DISPLAY MODULE BLUE or WHITE *We are a professional OLED and LCD display manufacturer and look forward to being long term partner with you!

Product Details


   1.5 Inch128×128 Dots OLED Display  Module Blue  or  White



Product Description 
Number of Dots 128*128 OLED module


8-bit 6800-series Parallel Interface,8-bit 8080-series Parallel Interface,Serial Peripheral Interface,12C Interface
High contrast 2000:1
160 Wide viewing angle  160
Wide range of operating temperature -40 to 70 ℃
Life Time(60cd/㎡)
50000 hour


OLED Advantages

  • Thin (no backlight required)

  • Uniform brightness

  • Wide operating temperature range (solid-state devices with electro-optical properties that are independent of temperature)

  • Ideal for video with rapid switching times (μs)

  • High contrast (>2000:1)

  • Wide viewing angles (~180°) with no gray inversion

  • Low power consumption

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