1.77 inches 160*128 dots with high quality Full Color Graphic OLED Display

1.77  inches 160*128 dots with high quality Full Color Graphic OLED Display

Our product are mostly applied to smart consumer electronics,medical field and mechanical equipment,etc,, Htend,a leading innovator of PM OLED (Organic Light-Emitting Diode) technology: High Contrast Ratio(10000:1) Free Viewing Angle Fast Response Time (≦ 10μs) Thinner & Lighter & Durable Wide Operation Temperature (-40~85℃) No need of backlight, self emitting Apply to most products from any area. Trend of Displays Leading the green vision

Product Details

Full Color Graphic OLED Display 1.77" 160*128 with high quality

Our products have been widely used in the fields of medical apparatus, electronic instruments, meters, 

home appliances, telecommunications, industrial equipments, vehicle electronics and digital display clocks, etc.


  • Diagonal Screen Size :1.77"

  • Number of Pixels :160*128

  • Color Depth :262144 Colors

  • Module Construction :COFPanel 

  • Size(mm) :42.7*33.4*2.01

  • Active Area(mm) :35.015*28.012

  • Pixel Pitch(mm) :0.073*0.219

  • Pixel Size(mm) :0.048*0.199

  • Weight(g) :3.6

  • Duty :1/128

OLED Advantages

  • Thin (no backlight required)

  • Uniform brightness

  • Wide operating temperature range (solid-state devices with electro-optical properties that are independent of temperature)

  • Ideal for video with rapid switching times (μs)

  • High contrast (>2000:1)

  • Wide viewing angles (~180°) with no gray inversion

  • Low power consumption

1. Packing:
Packed with anti-static bag, bubble bags and foam box, which ensure your goods' safety.
During the packaging process, preventive measures will be taken by us to assure that the goods are in a good condition during storage and delivery.
If product is broken during transportation due to improper packing, the responsibility will be borne by the seller.

2. Payment:
Payment of the goods should be set in USD on the basis of goods exchanging. We accept payment of T/T, or L/C. Customers need to pay for fee and customs tax, and extra fees if you are in remote areas. We can declare your goods at low value to help you avoid taxes.

3. After-sales service
1). We have a huge team which is in charge of after-sales service, also a service hotline dealing with buyers’ complains and feedback.
2). We offer 24 hours online service to help buyers solving problems.
3). We offer buyers the market information updated regularly.

4. Why choose us
Our company was founded in 2006 by a group of ambitious engineers. We are one of many high-tech enterprises focusing on research and development, production and trading of display technology. We are proud of our supply chain capability and our quality products.

Custom design and 24x7 hours technical support

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