Our Clients:

Most products are directly exported to European, American, Asia, especially in Japan, Korea, UK, Germany, Italy, UAS, Brazil and etc, and we are honored as a  competent partner supplier for many famous international companies, like Motorola, TCL, UK Vodafone, Korea KT, TCL, Lenovo, ICBC and indirectly supply LCD to Philips, Sharp and Toshiba, and other famous companies in domestic and overseas.

Our Vendors:

ITO Glass Suppliers:

Shenzhen Nanbo Display Technology CO. LTD. ( CSG Fine Glass Division. )

Shenzhen Laibao High Technology CO. LTD.

Shenzhen Tianze Coating Limited.

Shenzhen Leaguer Optronics Co. ,Ltd.

Polarizer Suppliers:

Nitto Denko Co., LTD.

Optimax Technology (B.V.I) Co .,LTD.

Ace Digite Co. LTD.

Shenzhen Sapo Photoelectric Co .,LTD.

Liquid Crystal suppliers:

Merck Co., LTD.

Jiangsu Hecheng Display Technology Co., LTD.

Beijing BaYi Space LCD Materials Technology Co., LTD.

IC Suppliers:




Subsidiary Materials Suppliers:

Jsr Corporation


Shenzhen Glip Electronics Co., LTD.

Mitsui Chemicals Co., LTD.

Nippon Shokubai Co., LTD.

Az Electronic Materials Hongkong Limited.

Qingyi Precision Maskmaking (Shenzhen) Co .,LTD.

Sekisui Chemical Co.,LTD.

Loctite ( China ) Co .,LTD.